This Thing Called “Adulthood”

There have been some crazy changes in my life lately. So many changes, that I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around it.


Since last Thurs I…

  • Turned 21 — suddenly I can buy a drink at a restaurant, and I feel pretty cool about it.


  • Officially graduated college — My last class ended Friday, and I have written my last term paper EVER.
  • Packed up all my belongings — And let me tell you, I own a ton of crap.


  • Moved back home with my parents — Which is probably good because, you know, actually eating is nice.

Tumblr_ll062aF3151qfy2kdo1_r1_500(bonus weirdness: my parents are selling the house I grew up in…)

  • And started a grown up advertising job at Carmichael Lynch — Ok… it’s an internship. But I commute on the train, have my own desk AND extension (ooooh ahhhh), and I bill clients for my hours.


It’s been a crazy ride. I mean, a week ago I was still a college kid going to class and living off Ramen. And now that chapter of my life is finished… I’m basically starting my whole life over.


But it’s alright because I’m loving every minute of it. I’m in my favorite city, surrounded by people I love, doing my dream job!

It’s been so cool to be part the atmosphere at Carmichael Lynch. Everyone genuinely enjoys the work they are doing, and it’s completely contagious. I think it has something to do with feeling like part of something big. I know I feel that way, and I just finished my first week.

I mean, have you seen this ad? My co-workers made this happen!

(Also. If you haven’t seen the new Jack Link’s commercials yet, you should. I think they’re hilarious:

Seriously, though. I’m so thankful to be learning from an agency full of such fun and talented people. I am so excited for what the rest of the summer holds… Even though I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do when this is over…




This scary thing called… adulthood

So this whole senior year thing. It’s exciting. But to shoot straight, I’m a little more than terrified. This is my last year as an advertising major at Winona State before I have to get my life together and become an… *gulp* adult. Pretty freaky. I have to get a real job and a real apartment and make real contacts with real professionals… andohmygoshIdon’tthinkIcandothis! Excuse me for a minute while I paper-bag it in this corner.

I tease. Although there’s a bit of hyperventilating going down, there’s also a big part of me that’s excited. I’m a little kid in a candy store. There are so many different flavors out there, and being forced to choose just one is overwhelming! I mean, there’s chocolate AND cookies n creme AND eleven million flavors of taffy! Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-31958516-2100-1402

My stomach and I just want to make sure we’re making the best possible choice!

So now that I’ve successfully made you drool (it’s Niagara falls up in here), I’m just gonna get straight to the point….. (I’m gonna be incredibly cliche here, but stay with me).


(Don’t groan, it goes with the candy theme). Although painfully cliche, Mr. Gump’s words ring true. As much as you hope your carefully laid plans and bachelor’s degree are going to make your dreams come true, you really just have to uncross your fingers, quit holding your breath, and jump.

So there you have it, folks. That’s what I’m doing here. Taking life as it comes and writing about the things I encounter on the way. So… let’s just go with it.

Oh! By the way. Nice beard you have there, Forrest. Mama would be proud.