“Summer’s passed. It’s too late to cut the grass.”

So, fall is officially here. And for a girl who grew up in Minneapolis, that means breaking out the Replacements albums. Music is very seasonal for me. It paints a picture in my head that I relate to specific times of year.

Fall means turning up my collar against the cold wind while Paul Westerberg’s words hang in the air. The depression in his voice gives me goosebumps, and I have to pull my jacket a bit tighter.

Ok. So this is sounding sort of emo. But, there is something so real and raw about the Replacements that has always been completely fascinating to me. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly.

A lot of it has to do with Paul’s lyricism. Paul can say in two minutes what others would take pages to say. I’m not exaggerating. Look up the lyrics to “Nobody” or “Skyway.” You get a guy’s whole life story before you know what hit you. It’s brilliant.

The Replacements also experimented in tons of different genres. They started off as a crazy punk band, so they definitely had a “screw-the-establishment” phase. But as they matured, they turned their amps down and tried more alternative and jazz-centered styles. “Achin’ to Be” even has a little country twang (which I usually hate, but Paul rocks it).

They’re just really relatable. They were just a group of losers that were so ok with themselves that it passed as cool. They laid it all out there and didn’t care at all what the world had to say. When I think of the Replacements, I think of a band of misfits that formed a sort of dysfunctional family. And after listening to them for a while, you sort of get adopted in. Dysfunction and all.

So when someone asks me who my favorite band is, I can’t not say the Replacements. And if you made it this far in my blog/like alternative music you should definitely check them out. I have a playlist of my all time favorites on Spotify. Look me up and check it out! And send me your favorite fall playlists. I’d love to know what you listen to this time of year!

In the meantime here are some favorites:
Can’t Hardly Wait
Nightclub Jitters



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