Which Emily Anderson are you again?

I looked it up, and  there are over 1,000 people named Emily Anderson in the United States. So, the way I see it, I can be lost in a sea of Emily Andersons or I can make a (unique) name for myself. And I’ve never been one to blend in…

Exhibit A: Halloween


Exhibit B: Lacrosse games


Exhibit C: When my jam comes on


Exhibit D: At Chuck E Cheese


So, yes, my name is Emily Anderson. But I am the Emily Anderson with a degree in advertising from Winona State University. I am the Emily Anderson who can quote lines from every Monty Python skit, who is the center midfielder of the lacrosse team, and who is more than slightly addicted to “discovering” new bands. I’m just myself. Nothing more. And I’d really like to share my experiences with you. I’m still figuring out what direction I want to go in life, and this blog definitely reflects that. I’m learning to listen, and grow, and take chances. But just bear with me, and let’s just go with it.

I love meeting new people. Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @Em_n_Em42 and find me on Facebook (if you can figure out which Emily Anderson I am) 😉


This scary thing called… adulthood

So this whole senior year thing. It’s exciting. But to shoot straight, I’m a little more than terrified. This is my last year as an advertising major at Winona State before I have to get my life together and become an… *gulp* adult. Pretty freaky. I have to get a real job and a real apartment and make real contacts with real professionals… andohmygoshIdon’tthinkIcandothis! Excuse me for a minute while I paper-bag it in this corner.

I tease. Although there’s a bit of hyperventilating going down, there’s also a big part of me that’s excited. I’m a little kid in a candy store. There are so many different flavors out there, and being forced to choose just one is overwhelming! I mean, there’s chocolate AND cookies n creme AND eleven million flavors of taffy! Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-31958516-2100-1402

My stomach and I just want to make sure we’re making the best possible choice!

So now that I’ve successfully made you drool (it’s Niagara falls up in here), I’m just gonna get straight to the point….. (I’m gonna be incredibly cliche here, but stay with me).


(Don’t groan, it goes with the candy theme). Although painfully cliche, Mr. Gump’s words ring true. As much as you hope your carefully laid plans and bachelor’s degree are going to make your dreams come true, you really just have to uncross your fingers, quit holding your breath, and jump.

So there you have it, folks. That’s what I’m doing here. Taking life as it comes and writing about the things I encounter on the way. So… let’s just go with it.

Oh! By the way. Nice beard you have there, Forrest. Mama would be proud.